Replace Anydvd



looking to replace AnyDvd any suggestions? T.I.A.


How about Redfox AnyDVD?

Tell us how you use AnyDVD and you might get better answers. Do you need it as a decryption program for discs only (ripping between the discs and the hard drive) or do you use it as a behind the scenes program to allow a conversion program or a software player to work?

Besides, if anyone wants to name a few alternatives, this question should really go in the general Movie copy software forum, not the AnyDVD subforum.


Anydvd HD was the first to the market and the most saught after program til passkey started to come around. And Anydvd HD is still the comparison everyone uses. Without it most other free dvd copiers never worked. So to think there is a replacement is a RED Herring here…


Sorry Kerry, I used it mostly to decrypt my Blu-Ray disks then used that download to finish up with DvdFab or BD Rebuilder. Should I repost this to the other forum?


I was waiting for one of the mods of this forum to wander by and move it, but since the Fab programs have already popped up twice, I’ll do it.


Ok, now its in the general discussion area for all decryption/copy programs. Why do you need a replacement in the first place?

Number one…AnyDVD is still operating. If you only had a limited time license, they expect to get their payment systems up and running pretty soon.

Two…you have DVDFab. If you are working with Blu-ray in DVDFab, you should have the section that decrypts Blu-ray, no?

DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray would be an alternative, but not particularly cheap.

MakeMKV would also work, since you are decrypting and ripping to the hard drive first, before using some sort of compression/conversion program. You can use it in Backup mode to get the entire disc to the hard drive, still in Blu-ray format. MakeMKV has the added advantage of being free to use while in beta. You just have to put in a new beta key every month or so, or download the latest version as new versions are released.


Thanks for the great info. I have the DVD fab Blu-Ray program but last tiome I used it for decrypting Blu-Ray it would not work, that was a while back, and since then I was using AnyDvd to decrypt, I have some other programs on Fab like Blu Ray to Dvd, and HD Decrypter but nothing to decrypt Blu-Ray. I was not aware they had a Blu-Ray decrypter


DVDFab Blu-ray Copy decrypts Blu-ray movies. I believe the Blu-ray Ripper does as well, though it outputs to MP4 or MKV files. And the free section, DVDFab HD Decrypter, does work to decrypt some Blu-ray, but not all.

I only use DVDFab for testing/reviews so I’m not an expert on their program capabilities.


Thanks Kerry, just checked my DvD Fab paid subscription , Dvd copy, Dvd Ripper, Bluray Copy, File Transfer and HD Decrypter, Bluray to Dvd, I didn’t think Fab decrypted Bluray, thought they had stopped for a time. I’ll give it a try today.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2769542]I was waiting for one of the mods of this forum to wander by and move it, but since the Fab programs have already popped up twice, I’ll do it.[/QUOTE]

That’s great Kerry. Exactly what I would do. :iagree:



Thanks Kerry