Replace a 411S with a LiteOn SOHW-1633S?

I am thinking of upgrading since my 411s is giving poor burns lately. Is the 1633s worth getting or should I go with a nec 3500a? I would prefer to stay with Lite on for all the tools supported by them. All I have read here is people having problems with the 1633s and am wondering about the good experiences with them.

It’s an okay drive for 12x. Just don’t expect any good 16x burns. Look at the stickies in the general Recording Hardware Forum for what 16x drive to get (BenQ supports PI/PIF scanning like LiteOn).

I read the faqs and benq drive review you recommended, but it still points me to the lite on. I want a 2 sheep burner which the benq wasn’t, so I guess I will give the 1633s a try and see what happens. Thanks for the info.

I would say the “dream ticket” is perhaps a Benq DVD writer (or perhaps the NEC), and a Liteon Combo (5232K / Sony CRX320E) - if you can believe the reports, the combo has for more “sheep” than any DVD writer including Liteon!

The topic name is very irritating.

LOL. Changed.

i think 1633s is not a bad DVD buner!!

you just have to know how to use them and may be with your 411s you could try to reset the Learn media through the codeking’s EEPROM tools (see at LiteON tools collections)…this may help abit on your bad burn with 411s…lol

I ended up flashing back to fsoh and resetting the eeprom as suggested and now things seem back in order. Thanks for the help. :bow: