Replace 3520 with 3550?

I have the option of getting a new 3550 inplace of my 3520 for free. Is it worth it? Will there ever be a crossflash to the 4550? Thanks for any input.

If 8x on select media types is important to you, go for it. Personally, I’m addicted to 8x RW speed.

Any difference in the quality of the burns? I dont really do any dual layer burning but if I get cleaner burns with the 3550 I can switch for free.

There’s more variation between drives of the same model then there is between different models, in terms of burn quality. In other words, probably not worth the change for that reason.

I’ll ammend that to add that there may be specific media types which the 3550 can write faster with equal quality. Also the 3550 may be a faster reader/ripper on some types.

For free… would you switch? Is the firmware for the 3550 just as good? I think 1.Y5 or something like that is out for the 3550. Thanks for any input. Im building a machine for a friend who got this drive and says he wont be using it very much and I could trade if I wanted.

If I was happy with the 3520, I would keep it.

I am… ive had a few burns lately after useing DVD FAB that the movies would start to lock up and then skip way ahead. Not sure if this is the burner or the software. If the 3550 was any bit better id switch… but if its not worth the few min it would take to swap it out I wont even bother. The reason I was curious was that Id hope to find a cross flash one day.