Repeated crashing version 2.0.9 avcodec.dll

Hi, I’m new here but having all kinds of problems recently converting AVI files to DVD for burning/archiving.

Until quite recently was successfully using Nero Vision but when that failed I have since tried several other programs with no success (WinAvi, DVDSanta, ConvertxtoDVD). Some of these result in my PC rebooting itself others in just the programme crashing.

Please find attached my ConvertxtoDVD logfile

Any help greatly appreciated.

Please note my system is Athlon 2000, 1.5 Gb Ram, 160 Gb HDD with ~90Gb free, ATI pro 9000 video, fully defragged, all versions fully uptodate



You have problems with all programs - that means that your system is faulty; possibilities are way too many, from bad ram to trojans.

I’m pretty sure there is nothing wrong with the RAM as it has always worked fine in the past and probably done this type of operation over a 100 times.

The operating system is also a pretty new install as are any of the programs ( since Jan this year)

I have scanned with every available scanner I could find including Norton McAfee, PAnda, AVG, AVAST, Trojan Hunter, CCleaner, AdAware, The Cleaner to mention a few and all have come up clean.

Is you opinion based on examination of the log file I appended?



That opinion is based on your own statement:

Until quite recently was successfully using Nero Vision but when that failed I have since tried several other programs with no success (WinAvi, DVDSanta, ConvertxtoDVD). Some of these result in my PC rebooting itself others in just the programme crashing.

If one program gives problems then that program seems to be faulty.
If two video related programs give problems then it might be original file or system codecs.
If ALL programs give problems then it is system problem - if that original videofile plays on your system.

Simple things to check - clean your cpu cooler - blow dust out from it, same to system fan, cpu fan, power fan and gfx fan.

Hi there,

Rebooting itself and hard crashes are sometimes HEAT related.

Those application are real CPU intensive and will raise the CPU tempature if not cooled properly.

Just for the hell of it, try the conversion of the same file, with your PC case opened or removed.

If it’s not heat, as JJ said, your OS is sick :Z

If it was JUST ConvertXtoDVD and JUST this file, I could see a problem with just this file.

Are you getting errors witj every files or just this one ?


I tried with the side off and fails just the same, if you like I can attach the file but it again fails at avcodec.dll.

I have removed the little dust that was in the processor fan and it seems to not get very hot (could do with a utility to check I guess).

If it is my system then is there a repair or is it a format and reinstall.

Please can someone have a look at the log file and see if there is anything obvious in there.



If loads of things are crashing, this will be a virus or hardware (memory/cpu) problem. Try the Kaspersky trial as there have been a couple of new virus variations come out recently that it found.

For testing your memory and CPU, try the Prime95 torture test, as it checks against known results.

hello DR Rog The i was having the same problem and i have now after about 2 months of figuring out what to do the problem is sorted and i have had some fun converting my movies again every dvd converting or copying prgrams like nero roxio and so forth were not working and were crashing my pc and i also have changed my dvd burner twice thinking that was the problem but it is not now i will tell you what you have to do what you must do first is backup everything that you need of your pc as im afraid you will have to format your hard drive this is the only way that has worked for me then you must re install windows or what ever operating system you have i have xp pro and it is great so try getting that or xp home as im not sure this fix will work on any other operating systems then obvious ly when your operating system is back on then put your drivers back on ie motherboard first then graphics card then soundcard an so forth by this point your system should be ready to do windows updates these must be done otherwise it will not work make sure all updates are done then install windows media player 10 and then you will have to install direct x 9.0c then finally do one more windows update search and it should come up with a security update for windows media player 10 and then put that on your machine and reboot then after that you can start putting all your programs back best of starting putting on real player and divx player version 6.1.1 and a codec pack called Cole2K Media - Codec Pack (standard) the latest codec pack on there web site which you will get on when you serch for it and after that install VSO and away you go it should all work again this is what i had to go throughbut it now finally works again its of course up to you to try it but it should work have fun you guys see you all later.

I would not recommend any codec packs - they all have caused problems.
Simply install FFDShow, AC3-codec and any extra special codecs you might need.
Do not install packs just to be safe, install codecs only when needed.

personally all the codec packs i have used all work without any problems and soory but this is the only way to sort out this problem as i have done and the only one who knows how to do it.