Repeat UK file sharers to be banned

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Internet users in the United Kingdom accused of illegally sharing copyrighted music and movie files will face stiff penalties, starting with warning letters that will lead to bandwidth restrictions, according to media reports from the UK.

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An unelected Minister makes a bold statement in contradiction of the findings of a government funded report into the subject.

All that will happen is that families will get restricted bandwidth (destroying useful access to new streaming legal content) and then cut off because a stroppy teenager will not stop filesharing. Or worse, someone from outside the home gets access to the home’s wireless network and downloads - thereby causing the innocent family to be unjustly punished.

How does the government, on behalf of big content, propose to determine the individual responsible for the file-sharing activity? Punishment without identification of the individual is contrary to the English / Scottish legal systems.

The driver of a car has to be identified before penalty points can be put on their licence after, say, a fixed roadside speed camera has photographed the car and identified the number plate.

How soon before a “significantly more difficult to crack than the present options” wireless security protocol is available to users whose wireless router is supplied by their ISP?

Good job that there’s an election next year…

The problem in the UK is that after so many years under the Labor Gov thumb it’s going to be hard to ween people off the “Nanny State” Most likely all the 3rd world immigration into the UK over the past 10 years is to ensure Labor gets another term…