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I just purchased a LG GSA-4163B 16X DVD. Having trouble using it to back up the images of my hard drives. Using PowerQuest Drive Image V5.0 software. Drive Image recognizes the drive and tells me how many DVDs it will take to back up the image but when I try to copy only one DVD is written before I get the error ‘1805’ Write Failed. A follow up on the symantec web site (symantec purchased Power Quest a few years ago) tells me that Windows may be failing to recognize the media as removable. To resolve the error, open Device Manager, open the properties of the drive, and check removable. I did this but I con’t see any removable box to check/uncheck. I am running Windowx XP Home with a P4 and 768 MB memory. Any ideas??

Above posted a few weeks ago with no response. Will try posting again. I’m still haven’t same problem and unable to figure out why. I have tried three types of media: Sony; Fujifilm and Benq. Same results. PowerQuest will burn only one disk then stop.



A quick google search for “powerquest image 1805 write failed” comes up with this as the first match:

This is a cached page with search terms highlighted. Scroll down and look for “1805” highlighted in bright green.

Looks like a software problem that has nothing to do with the drive or media.


I can tell you this. I have used Powerquest since version 4. I now have version 7 on my laptop and this is the first version that I have used that actually burns to DVD. Version 6 would give the look like it would…then would fail with errors. I don’t believe your version supports DVD burning, either. Norton Ghost 2002 and later all burn to DVD. The new version 9 is really an upgraded version of DI7.



Thanks. Armed with info you and agent009 gave me I have given up on writing my drive image to DVD. What I have done is install a 2nd hard drive and I am using it to store the image of my main drive. No problems with Drive Image 5 doing this.

I loved Drive Image V5.0 and saw no need to upgrade. Will now have to do some research to find another program to copy images of my drive to DVD.


Norton Ghost 9 is what you are after. Like the man said, it is really an updated Drive Image 7.


Acronis True Image is superior to Ghost and Drive Image IME.


For sure…

This program has saved my a$$ from stupid mistakes more than a few times :o

With my system and about 4 gig used on my C: drive I can backup my C: drive in 3 minutes (normal compression to about 2.2 gig).

I can boot with a Acronis boot cd and restore a backup in 2 minutes!

This makes for testing things like video drivers a snap, you don’t like that new video driver, just restore :slight_smile:


Purchased Acronis True Image V8.0 today via download. It works like a charm. Thanks everyone for you help.


Hi, Drive Image 5 only accepts CD-R’s with maximum 800 Mb storage capacity. Which means that you can backup a hard drive with several Gigabytes of data, but you will need a series of CD-R’s for that. The CD-R-series can be made bootable by Drive Image, so you don’t need floppies to start the program. Which is perhaps a small consolation…

Greeting, Pjotr.


Be aware that ANY program that is used to create images directly to DVD is opening the door to problems. I highly recommend writing the image to HD, then copying to DVD later. Having the image available on HD is very handy, and this makes the DVD a second level of backup rather than your only resource. I’m not sure about Acronis, but the others create a bootable disc that has caused problems for quite a few people trying to restore an image in DOS.

I use DriveImage to create scheduled nightly images on HD, then copy that to DVD weekly. I also keep a small FAT partition on my main HD with all the DOS versions of the programs on it, so I can run them with nothing but a Win98 boot floppy.


This looks like a software thread. :slight_smile: