Repeat Play in WMP - how to trigger it

I have a company DVD video of 7:07 duration. The professionally produced version has a menu at the top where the author installed a feature where one clicks a “Play Video” button to start the video. When I use this DVD at trade shows/expos on the laptop, it runs and then returns to the top and waits for a click on the “Play Video”. What I need is a continuous loop. Am using WMP 11 and a DVD plug-in that allows playback. The problem seems to be with WMP 11 but let me continue. I could go back to the author but he’ll charge us for sure (we’re non-profit - $$$ is tight) and it could take several months. So, I decided to try and edit the video myself.

I took the video files and scraped them off to a folder and simply re-burned it leaving out the .IFO since that was where this “Play Video” menu is stored. The burn went fine and the modified DVD plays great. Except that at the end, the progress bar sits on 7:07 and the screen fades to black. I have ensured that “Repeat” is ticked “on” in WMP 11. The DVD refuses to return to the top and replay - in WMP 11 (except if I press WMP’s “play” button. I then used Nero ShowTime, set that to repeat and strangely ShowTime’s WILL repeat the DVD. How strange!

I figure there must be some special sort of “marker” or “signal” that I need to put in to signal WMP 11 to trigger a repeat from the top. Can anyone advise, please?


If your only concern is to loop a specific video on the DVD, then your best bet is to convert the video into something like an Xvid. After that, you can use WMP to loop the video playback. Tools like AutoGK make conversion very easy.

Oh - OK. Are you saying to take the “raw” VOB data, convert it to Xvid, take Xvid and run it from the hdd or copy same to CD/DVD and run from CD/DVD as a data file? Can Xvid be burnt and played from DVD as a normal DVD (stick it in drive or player and it runs like a normal commercial movie would)?

I don’t know anything about Xvid (other than I can spell it). This DVD/sales material has to be used by several sales people, many of whom would have trouble even copying stuff from one media to another if I gave it to them and then learning how to launch it. Yes, this whole thing should have been planned better from the outset.

Hi Folks.

I just noticed something about this video. When WMP plays it, WMP indicates the clip is 7:07 long. But by carefully watching, I’ve noticed that when the video ends, WMP’s progress bar stops at 7:06 every time. I then played the DVD with RealPlayer and RP has the same symptom except that if I tell RP to “seek” (RP has a an actual “seek” command under its play menu but WMP does not) to the 7:07 mark, RP will do the continuous loop. Nero Showtime has no problem playing correctly first crack.

So I need to know, is the video too short? And, do I need to edit something so that it runs long enough to cause the counter to hit 7:07?

I thank everyone for their patience. I don’t understand the Xvid answer given above, unfortunately.

Is there a reason why you would need the clip to be 7:07 long instead of 7:06? The discrepancy in the length is likely due to one program rounding the partial second up while others round it down.

Your assessment of how the conversion to Xvid works is basically correct. You’re just converting your video from DVD format into another video format. Unless a standalone DVD player specifically supports Xvid (or Divx), then you wouldn’t be able to play it in the player. You can use any other video format that you wish that will play in WMP (such as WMV) instead of Xvid, but I only suggested Xvid because AutoGK is very easy to use.

Thank You for that explanation 'AZ… I don’t want to prolong the pain here but can you think of any good reason(s) why the modified DVD will not repeat with WMP? The unmodified version routes back to the opening menu but the WMP counter hangs on 7:07. When editted with “Video Edit Magic 4.2”, it says the original is actually 7:08:233 long. So to me WMP never gets to the end of this modified version - the one with no “Press Play” option. I’d really like it if somehow I could burn it in regular DVD form so that the piece plays not on the laptop but also standalone players as well. Any ideas?

Thanks muchly.

The DVD itself is responsible for sending commands to the player for how the it should be played. The only way that a DVD can loop is if the DVD itself is authored to loop (unless there are players out there that “break” the DVD by not following its commands to do things like go back to the menu). You’ll have to author a new DVD with DVD authoring software, such as DVD-lab, and have the video loop itself.

Very good! Let me go then and try that. You’ve explained it to me now, perfectly!