Repairman scams 9,000 iPods from Apple

I just posted the article Repairman scams 9,000 iPods from Apple.

Using trial and error, a Michigan iPod repairman allegedly guessed 9,000 iPod Shuffle serial numbers, convinced Apple to send replacements and then sold them to customers.

"Apple Inc. appears…

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Oh ho ho! A “very bright man” not understanding the seriousness of the situation he was causing?

What rubbish! What a contradiction! Seize everything he owns, only allow him to claim bankruptcy after he’s lost everything, and lock him up for the rest of his life. People like this don’t unlearn their bad habits.

LMAO dumb apple . I work as an electronics dept manager and I dont see my credits in my paperwork untill the vendor receives my returns then they sign off and give the credit. WTF was apple thinking??

Apple " Think different"

He broke the #1 rule in pirating when he messed with Apple. DO NOT scam the scammers! It’s more of a code than a rule though…

That’s small change compared to this one bloke by the name of Scott Frederick Byers also known as Josh Trousdale - the same man who was convicted for the fake sale of Sony Playstations in 2000, who last year set up a website called, where he took orders for 12,000 iPhones in Canada before they were available at over $600 each, and never delivered. Police raided his Port Coquitlam rental home, and it is estimated this scam took in over $8 million.

@Jose Your story is interesting. But I think if someone is stupid enought to give some shady guy on the internet $600 for an Iphone and then never get it deserves to get screwed. Of course, if they ordered w/ their Credit Card they are 100% protected w/ purchases, but if they used some form of money transfer, then it’s their own dumb fault.