Repairing Xvid avi file?

I have a problem with a avi file, that won’t play in my standalone divx player, but plays fine on PC.
So I tried the avi with “AviFIxed” which finds a lot of errors (“Found invalid data at1730fream, Found invalid data at1756fream, Found invalid data at1784fream”,… etc to the end) but (AviFixed) “can’t” fix them (when i try the file again, Avifixed finds the same errors and says they are fixed…)

When I open the avi in VirtualDub i get this message (attached).

So is there anyone who can help a newbie out here?
thanks! :bow:

p.s.: i also tried Videofixer with no success. Only “asf-avi-rm-wma rep air” could repair the file, but then the sound&video where desinhronyzed.

Try DivxRepair then.