Repairing Scratched Install Disc

Hi All,

I am trying to reinstall a video game however the install disc is scratched and while installing it fails on a certain large file. I have an uncorrupted copy of this file on my hard drive and was wondering if there would be any way to create an image / cd of all the files on the cd itself, excluding the corrupted one and then the uncorrupted verision of the file i have on my computer.

Thank you for your time

If all you want to do is make a good installation disc, then first make an image of the disc in .iso format with a duplicating program of your choice (e,g, alcohol) ensuring that the option to ignore read errors (in alcohol it’s called Skip reading errors) is checked.

Then edit the .iso image with an iso editing program such as WinIso or UltraIso replacing the dud file with the known good copy.

Finally burn the edited .iso image with the .iso burning program of your choice.

Note that whilst the burnt copy disc will be fine to install, if it’s copy protected it will be useless to run the game as the copy protection information will be lost in the above process.

Thank you very much!

If I do need it to play do you have any recommendations as to how to save that copy protection?

Eh? How come that this game is already on your hdd?
Would not be logical…

Clearly, your “copy” on the hdd would be useless anyway if copy protections are involved.

How about taking the disc to a dvd rental shop and paying for them to polish the scratches out?

you can also look at Game Jackal from Slysoft, then you won’t need to use your original game cd’s again

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