Repairing cdrw?

I have a large pile of cdrw which the burner does not recognise
any more.
When a formating fails I often get a cd which is not accepted by
the system. It can’t be erased or formated, and as far as the
burner is concerned-there is no cd in it.

  1. what exactly happens to the cd ? is something overwritten?
  2. is there anyway to fix the cd so that it could be formated

Try using the freeware SuperBlank 2.0 to erase your unusable CD-RW discs.

It will often succeed in erasing discs to reenable formatting when other programs fail.

Super blank can’t blank them.
Tryed Nero, cdmate directcd, incd, writecd-rw.
Any other way?
What gets overwritten? the ATIP? TOC?

i suppose you could leave them in the sun data side up and let the sun physically erase them, i think 30 minutes would be enough.

Frankly, I have never had this problem, and I can read all of my CD-RW’s from years ago.

I would suspect that your burner is involved in the problems you are experiencing. It would would be a worthwhile experiment to try erasing or formatting on another computer to see if your burner is responsible. I would definitely do this before leaving them in the sun, which is not a viable and predictable way of dealing with the reuse of CD-RW discs.

I had a similar problem with a Verbatim CD-RW in a Plex 12/10/32S. Attempting to erase with PlexTools, Nero or even EZCD gave an error message which was not descriptive or helpful.

I tried CloneCD, which has CDRW Erase as its fourth button, and it just did the job. The other progs found the erased CD OK, so hats off to CloneCD.

(Think my writer needs cleaning though!)