Repair / Reinstall Xp on preinstalled desktop




Is it possible to reinstall windows XP (home) on a pc that came with xp preinstalled and no installation disks.

Could anyone give me any instructions or recommend any sites to guide me through this.

Would be very grateful indeed.

If it helps I can still use the desktop but it needs a reinstall of the OS to fix some problems.
Im trying to achieve a clean slate and start from new.

thanks in advance for your help.


Most pc’s come with some sort of recovery disk, if not on a cd then you might have a recovery partition on you hard drive. Look through your owner’s manual if you have it, or go to the manufacturer’s website and look up your model number, they should provide documentation. Also, I would backup any data that is important to you before you try any sort of reinstall/recovery.


Additionally, there should be an application installed that is intended to create a set of recovery discs. Another look into the documentation is highly recommended :slight_smile: