Repair or not repair?

Hello, i have an IBM Travelstar that has started to give me blue screen for few times now.
I have runned Fitness Test from IBM web site and the software is telling me that there are bad sectors on the drive.
If i go for the repair option, since at the moment i cannot go for a low format, what is the risk that the data will be lost? Windows boots fine and i don’t have any error during boot.
Is there another software that could do a better job in restoring bad sectors without deleting data?
Thank you.

A failing HD isn’t good. I would replace it ASAP.

yes i will replace it ASAP, meanwhile, do you know what are the risk of loosing few files? Is there a risk of Windwos becoming unusable and be forced to reinstall?
Thank you.

of course that windows will be unstable if you have bad sector on you drive. every attempt to access those sector will result in crash. also if you burn something from the partition on which you have bad sector, you get only coasters. the best tool for repairing bad sectors is HDD Regenerator , but that is only temporary solution. replace the drive ASAP.

Copy any critical files ASAP, either to another drive or to another location on the same drive. If any are compromised, they won’t copy. With 2 copies, it’s safe to repair bad sectors.

Unless more sectors fail, you shouldn’t have any additional problems. But as drive failures go, sectors start failing more and more till it’s toast. If you use the repair tool provided by the drive maker, it’s a lot safer than using Windows to recover and repair bad sectors.