Repacked 832s Media Problem



I have 2 832s drives, one is a Sony that is an OEM that was cross flashed to 832s the other is a stock 832s. I just bought some Verbatim 16x disks and the Lite-On reads the discs fine, but the Sony will not read the media at all. Ive tried 832s firmware patched and unpatched and DRU700a firmware with the same result. Though the package of 8x verbatims I bought before this worked in both drives. The 16x are branded MCC 03RG20 and the 8x are MCC 02RG20. I don’t understand how one media will work in the one drive but not the other when they are the same drive :confused:


So it’s just the 16x media that the Sony can’t read? What about a 16x disc that is burned in the Liteon, can it read that?


a 16x burned disc reads fine in the drive, just tried it. It is just the blank media the drive doesnt recognize


any help on this? Anyone else having a problem like this?