Rep. Lofgren further explains her stance against ICE domain seizures

Rep. Lofgren further explains her stance against ICE domain seizures.

[newsimage][/newsimage]At a Silicon Valley legal conference in early March, California Congresswoman and lawyer Zoe Lofgren spoke out against the recent US government seizure of 84,000 domains and mistaken accusations of child pornography and stating that the owners should sue government officials for violating their rights. RIAA Executive VP Mitch Glazier then fired back at Lofgren’s assessment of the situation, spouting his organization’s traditional rebuttal about piracy costing the country “billions of dollars and thousands of jobs” and reiterating Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chief John Morton’s assessment that no due process is necessary when there is evidence of a crime.

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Well lets hope more folks like her and Wyden take up for the regular folks who get taken advantage of and screwed over when they did nothing actually wrong but got caught up in a big sweep that had no oversight. They need to learn again who they really work for and stop protecting only the big money concerns that donate truck loads of cash and have PACS and make up facts to protect only their own interests.

Wow…I love this woman. Let’s clone her!