Reoverable HDD?

I use low level format for HDD, an ancient program from Maxtor called Powermax, and then DOS FDISK and format again a HDD before it is given to some mofo, is it safe enough?


unless he spends big $$ to try and recover, probably

HDD’s are cheap. Take it apart and destroy the discs inside.

Depends on what you’re trying to hide. Final Fantasy 4 passwords? Yes… Child Pornography? I doubt anything less than submersion in Liquid Nitrogen and repeated blows with a twenty pound hammer would clear that, and then you’d probably be investigated for buying Liquid N2… And don’t forget the possible ‘back ups’ like IP addresses and hard copies… It all depends on the worth of the Data how hard someone will seek to recover it. Since the client is a


i wouldn’t trust it. sounds like he’s looking for your goodies.