Reorganizing harddisk partitions

At the moment i’m reorganizing my harddisk partitions.
Tomorrow i’ll get a DVD-writer, and i was thinking if it’s smart to create a partition only for ripping dvd’s.
This because fragmentation and speed of the harddisk.

Or doesn’t it matter, and can i also use a partition where i do much other things ?

If any one has some good tips, tnx in advance !

it doesn’t really matter. i’d imagine there would be very little performance gain, and u should defrag on a regular basis anyway.

Hi Pvanwelt, welcome aboard!

Well it doesn’t really matter much, but if you have an older system with a slower harddrive, it might not be such a bad idea to make a partition just for DVD writing. If you however have a system that can put out enough data to satisfy the needs of the DVD writer, you can leave it as is…

So, what are your specs? :slight_smile:

My specs :

amd athlon xp 1800+
256 mb DDR pc 3200
geforce 4 ti-4200 xp 128 mb ddr
30 GB harddisk 7200 rpm

so if i read above reactions i don’t think i need a partition especially for dvd-ripping :slight_smile:

no need to split your 30 gig;

for example if you rip a dvd-9…say it is 7 to 8 gig (or so) and want to transcode it to a dvd-5 4,3/4,7 gig …you already need approx 13 gig.
That would mean for you that have to plit you harddisk in 2. Not much left for other stuff then.

Just make a special directory where you rip to.

I already thought it would take about 15 GB to rip and convert a DVD.

I’m gonna split it into 7 GB for my OS and installed programs, and the rest for DVD ripping and storage :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the info :slight_smile:

Not a problem thats what we are here for,

Splitting into many partitions, eh?? Are you using partition magic??? It does the resizing sometimes without a reboot.