Reopen this thread

It would appear that this doesn’t belong on cdfreaks.

I think not.

However, see my post in response to your post here and pay particular attention to the Note at the foot of my post.

Philamber[Note that I will not permit this thread to turn into a repetition of this thread and will simply edit or delete outright any posts that, in my sole, absolute and uncontrolled discretion, I consider inappropriate for any reason whatever. If I do so, don’t bother contacting me or complaining as no correspondence will be entered into on the matter.]

Oh and another thing I hope Flips and Philamber are the same person

This isn’t any secret, only it’s actually “flips” rather than “Flips”. :wink:

And yes I did notice one of my posts was deleted all it said was that I was able to make back-ups of the same game with Blindwrite and about posts being in the wrong place to get proper answers,

That is not all the deleted post said and you well know it. Your post was an attempt to revive the same “debate” as was contained in the closed thread.

If you wish to assist members to copy cds with blindwrite (or with any other app for that matter) your posts are welcome. If, however, what you wish to do is provide misinformation about or generally slag off competing products (and this includes sarcastic “acceptance” of accurate information about other apps posted), your posts will be edited/deleted.

I trust this makes the position clear.

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With this number of posts surely comes at least a little wisdom, sagacity and the ability to be circumspect. When I started on the web, I wondered how the hell anyone got to 300 posts let alone 500 - they must’ve been g0ds - don’t make me think you’re not!

We have a policy of one issue/one Mod so please don’t think there’s any ganging-up going on; rather I’d like to contribute positively. I’ve only known philamber/flips as the VOR (voice of reason) and it distresses us all to see a little friction.

Back in 2001 CloneCD was king, really really king, there were ENTIRE sites devoted just to CloneCD - nothing else! Before LITEON, the Plexy was king. Between CloneCD and a SCSI Plex nothing couldn’t be done. Then Philips released some SCSI, and later, IDE units that rivalled the Plex although the Philips never had the extra circuitry of the Plex that allowed jitter-free backups, their beta tolerances were less rigid which is why beta blocker - remember that (?) - was designed for and worked best with a Plex. These old Plex and Philips SCSIs (and select IDEs) will cut SD2 like butter, just like an ASUS and DiscJuggler/DiscDump/FireBurner. There’s nothing I can’t backup with an ASUS and I don’t need emu. I might need ATIP hiding but I’m fortunate enough to have a range of CD/DVD-ROMS to play from. An ASUS is so cheap in Australia, that they must be giving them away overseas.

The debate over software ignores the capability of hardware. If you’re stuck with a certain unit and I can only imagine those under 15 and unable to work being stuck with a lousy burner, then pick your software but this is a low-level issue except for one more thing. I understand that some people have bought one piece of backup software. I can sympathise. I am an advocate of sticking to one piece of software if you own it and have no hope of buying another and don’t want to resort to cracks or serialz. It’s the responsibility of Mods AND senior members to provide the right advice.

What the Mods try to ensure is this:[ul][]if a member asks a question about their piece of software - we’ll see it answered without reference to another app - you know what I mean[]phil and I are old enough, as are some other Mods, to know that choice is divine[]one-eyed bias should be limited to the footy field[]Collingwood lost (again)[]we respect our senior members; my personal opinion is that THAT thread was doing sort of OK; there were no winners or losers, I was looking forward to the anticlimatic outcome[]the backup arena is complex and sometimes ambiguous; sometimes we state the obvious, miss the essentials or just cock it up altogether[/ul]No matter. In a few weeks we’re all a little braver beacuse the thread is ‘gone’

I edited, I refuse to fight with the likes of Lazer and bring myself down to his level.


If you added a few strings to that ‘guitar’ of yours, it might produce a more harmonious tune instead of the monotonous whine that comes out of it at the moment.

But that’s just my opinion.

I was disappointed the thread got closed, because I was interested to see how/what/why a good back-up was going to be produced by denali.

All the OT stuff about blacklisting didn’t help, 'cos it wasn’t relevant to the thread.

Just my 2p worth.


It’s funny leave his and remove mine, I can do it myself just ask.

Originally posted by kamikazee
you better read again because it did help one of them

Well, I read the denali thread again, but couldn’t find anyone you helped.:confused:

Any clues?


Hmmm, interesting developments to this thread.

Shows how important it was to the original poster?

Ah well every cloud has silver lining so the saying goes.

Congrats on the (new?) official post. Something to add to the signature?

All the best.

Lazer. (aka Asshole)

Both of you stop - now. Focus you energy somewhere else. Beat each other up with fact and clever words, just stop being rude to each other. First on to ignore the other gets a chokky frog. Next one to snap gets a ban.

I am new here, but what is a chokky frog, and how can i get one! :smiley:

what is a chokky frog

I think it’s one of those odd Aussie things, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want one. Reminds me of a Monty Python episode about the “Chunky Frog” chocolates.

Originally posted by Tempus
I am new here, but what is a chokky frog, and how can i get one! :smiley:

A chocolate in the shape of a frog and a favourite sweet of young children downunder. Much loved at children’s parties (spare ones have been known to be "nicked by adults too :wink: )and sometimes presented by parents/teachers to young children as a reward for good behaviour (well getting one is better from the kid’s point of view than a gold star and elephant stamp :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror-
A Chokky Frog for me!

An opal-hearted country,
A wilful, lavish land -
All you who have not loved her,
You will not understand -
Though earth holds many splendours,
Wherever I may die,
I know to what brown country
My Chokky Frog will fly.

  Dorothea McKellar