Reopen the italian forum!

450 lazy guys saw the poll, about 40 voted.
make your choice and reopen it. no other one will vote

I’m waiting for a reply from cico85. Till then it stays closed.

Originally posted by HPolimar
450 lazy guys saw the poll, about 40 voted…

Originally posted by DoMiN8ToR
I’m waiting for a reply from cico85.

He’s lazy too…:eek: :rolleyes:

Too few people votes, because in the italian forum the
last post from DoMiNaToR are in English, and many people
don’t understand the post.

Repost the same message in “Italian” or “Move” the poll directly on te italian forum, i think this last is the best solution.

gringo i think is not hard to be understood. the main problem is that 450 guys read the poll, and only 40 voted.

this cico85 has been elected by dominator himself, and we don’t know him well, neither we see he’s so active.

he has still not answered to dominator…

GringoTM, your idea is good, but I think that the pool cannot be moved in our forum because it is closed.

DoMiN8ToR should reopen the forum to move the pool and to allow to vote…

However we hope that Cico responds soon to the superboss…

Because he doesn’t respond?
He has guaranteed to always be next to the pc.


cico85 tonite has appired in my dreams
he told me to say he’s in the good way
2 answer u.
How is this possible? what kind of consideration do you have about Italians ?
So uncontrolable?
So lazy?
So undisciplinate?

I know that there’s a problem about our Forum,
as a member i have to admit this
but I want 2 tell u that u could trust us and you should reopen the forum giving tha administration powers to those we voted,
when cico will arrive he will take his power/responsability
I can’t believe you only see cico85 or maybe our right to choice doesn’t matter?

a community has the power to discipline itself or it is not a comunity.

Am I wrong?
Ciao Gheddafi

surely, with him as moderator, minamoto address would be showed up for a week…

Originally posted by Gheddafi

I know that there’s a problem about our Forum,

and you have offered no solution…as well as no problem. whats wrong with the forum? then perhaps, it can get fixed, and all will be well again. until then, and probably after, domi is right (as always)… i sound like Iamrocket, i need to head to bed, lol

my solution is in the post
make a lot of peole responsable of the Forum
I don’t believe only 1 person will make the forum better.

the problem i mentioned is the forum rules that sometimes are broken.

I voted, my friends has voted so why should I wait so long ?
Avietta lu facimm stu Forum

Originally posted by Gheddafi
the problem i mentioned is the forum rules that sometimes are broken.

Well, then you have had your chance to take that responsability. Dut did someone do that? Don’t think so.

“Well, then you have had your chance to take that responsability. Dut did someone do that? Don’t think so.”
why so abstract ?

i see u understand Latin Tongue :

qoud meus, sic tam sempliciter est minchiam?

Julio Caesar
De colioratio Catilina

x ckin2001

DoMiN8ToR is a good boy that tries to do well, but it is not infallible, and now he has probably been wrong.

We have given our good solutions for the Italian forum, but DoMiN8ToR doesn’t like they.

We try to have trust in DoMiN8ToR.

Ciao :slight_smile:

If you would have read my words more carefully, you would have seen that I have said that cico85 will be the bridge between the rest of the managent of the site and the Italian moderators. cico85 will NOT be the only moderator, he will however be reporting to me. This is usefull, because he is an experienced user of the English forums and knows how it works over there. Of course he can’t moderator the forums on his own, he will need people that help him.

It will however be important that these people are reliable and friendly to him, else we will get a mess again. The English forums are doing very well, because we lot of good people working for us, so I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work with the Italian forum, altough some Italian people seem to have nothing else to do then to make a mess of the forum, I think 95% is willing to make it work…

Unfortunately cico85 is not very fast for now, but as soon as we have decided who can help him, this should be solved…

ok DoMiN8ToR

You have now been clearer than before.

You have to remember that to use a lot of words to explain, is often better whether to use few words.

I want to understand the why of the things.

It is often difficult to understand what you want to say, perhaps also because of the different language.


cico85 will be a spy then…all ok

supercazzola alla prematurata

While this board is down, please post in my own board!
After the end of votes, people who don’t think that my board is good, can post here, but, for now, we can’t do notting! Domin8tor, please, solve this situatuon!

Domin8tor please re-open the italian section of the forum or it will die forever… This forum is very good, but i think it’s very difficul to speak english well for a lot of persons…(me too) and so they left the forum !!!

It is reopened. and Hpolimar, if you don’t like here, we don’t force you to stay. Your posts have been rather insulting then helpfull.

[OT ]Domin8tor, is it true ur a No-Global???[OT]No kidding,serious question