Renowned Commodore brand makes a comeback with Android smartphone



We’ve just posted the following news: Renowned Commodore brand makes it comeback with Android smartphone[newsimage][/newsimage]

An Italian company acquired the Commodore brand and will start using it, including the old logo, for Android smartphones. The first smartphone, named PET, will become available this week and will, among other things, run emulators by default.

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Wow, I thought the name “Commodore” would be nothing more than a very dim memory among computer users. I never would have seen something like this comming.

Although the Commodore 64 has always been Commodore’s most popular product, the Amega stands out the most in my mind, since it could multitask (unlike IBM PCs at the time), came with a GUI (again, unlike IBM), came with an IBM PC emulator, and had support for 4,096 colors (a pretty big number for 1984). Also, IBM PCs and Apple Macintosh systems were much more expensive, despite being inferior. But, after having exhausted it’s financial resources in a price war (part of the reason the Commodore 64 sold so well was because of its low price), Commodore couldn’t give the machine the promotion it deserved. Also, what was with that fetus commercial?


OK, so when do we get to see an Atari Version?
Have a yen for Space Invaders and PacMan.