Renesas chipset on the way out?

I’ve noticed that the most recent LG drives are using a Panasonc chip. Does this mean that LG have stopped using those made by Renesas?

Well, the H62 and H42/44 are using a Renesas. Just the H55 is using panasonic.

It’s tough to say what LG is doing… they seem to release a new model every other day. I’d much rather see them doing firmware development.

If I were to guess, It is probably a 60/40 mix these days.
60% Panasonic / 40% Renesas. Either way, they are both decent drives. Right now I have a GSA-H22N (Panasonic) and a GSA-H62N (Renesas). I’m not interested in the H55 series with the Panasonic chipset and proprietary SecurDisc encryption only available through Nero… Unimpressed unless it can be standardized and adopted by all and proven to have no back doors… but that tidbit is off topic… sorry.

This [B]is [/B]their method to distribute newer firmwares :bigsmile:

A bit offtopic >Renesas has a nice building out in San Jose, CA.