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I made a perfect backup copy of Renegade C&C that has safedisc 2.51 for the second cd and for the first cd SD2 with mySony crx175A 24/10/40 firmware 2.0h and used the AllClone 4 Profile provided by G@M3FR3@K! thanxs! I read it at MAX then I WRITE at 10x using the profile SafeDisc 2.51(AWS). The version I was using is CloneCD


Hi m8 please can you email the particular clone cd profile to me. Cheers.


Sony crx175A 24/10/40 firmware 2.0h

Didn’t you know that your drive is just a rebadged Lite On? That’s the reason why your copies work.


Originally posted by Pirate80

Didn’t you know that your drive is just a rebadged Lite On? That’s the reason why your copies work. [/B]

Lite On? well that’s news to me is there any info about why sony is using Lite On? Much would be appreciated! thanks again



This post from may clarify things.

Topic author: john
Replied on: 05/20/2002 09:21:38

Its true that Sony uses LiteOn for their recorders…The indrustry is moving too fast and some companies cannot afford to invest money for R&D so they use other people’s technology. Its not so bad but limits our buying options.

As for P-CAV from Plextor, we will have to wait and see. If Sanyo doesn’t release such chipset, Plextor cannot make it, unless they change to MediaTek or other manufacturer, which seems un-likely to happen.

Perhaps around middle of June, Plextor announce something new (?)

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Topic author: Clint
Replied on: 05/21/2002 01:26:37


Sony isn’t making P-CAV recorders, it’s just rebadgeing the Lite-On LTR-40125W. It supports P-CAV and Mt. Rainier.

Sony CRX-175A1 is a rebadged Lite-On 24102B.

You’ve got to be kidding?!!! Sony, would do such a thing? Man, who can you trust in the industry?!!!


I know… Sad but true

But as John says, the industry is moveing very rapidly, especially the last year or so.

Sony’s drives look cool, and when you have a Lite-On inside you just need MTKFLASH to turn it into an actual Lite-On drive in the ID-string, and in return, receive the latest firmware updates to rid the bugs and add more media.

BUT you are paying the extra for the “Sony” name…

You get what you pay for…


If someone still needs Profiles, they’re in the CloneCD forum. Check my signature for a link to the thread.