Well, ReneB says it all!
Customer service and concern is LAST on the list. The product is terrific! But, I will not deal with a company like this. I’ll use my current version until I find something equal (probly not better).

I also changed my email address because of a virus. I sent them the info and this was the TOTAL uncarring response…

“I am sorry, but the code can only be resend to the email address on file.”

P.S. ‘resend’ should have been ‘resent’

Arnie Miller
Tucson, AZ

Well, I must apologize profusely. Got an email this morning requesting 4 things:
Order number
Old and new email address’s.

They changed my email address in 10 minutes!

It is a great product. And now I must say, so is their sevice.:stuck_out_tongue: