Rendition/The Brave One not readible on my laptop



Hello, everone, This is my first post. Although, i have been reading the forums for quite some time, i decided to join and get in on the action. Anyways, I tried backing up Rendition and The Brave One. I only backed up the Main Movie using DVD Fab Platinum. I can play it on my dvd player, however, my laptop does not recognize the format, and am unable to play the backed up disc on my laptop. Any answers/advice will be appreciated.
This is the first time this has happened. I have backed up many movies before.
OH, by the way, the first time i tried to back up both movies, my dvd player would not play them and would say, “Disc is dirty” Any comments??


There are 2 options that you might be able to use to rectify this problem.

  1. Use a different brand of media
  2. Try using a different version of FAB (either the one previous to the one you currently use or the new version). I find this helps me a times of backup issues.

Good Luck. I hope this helps.