Renaming Target/directory.....(admin name)

just got a laptop and this is the string for my documents etc.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents

is there a way i can change all the administrator parts to my name, i’ve tried renaming the administrator folder in the C drive from explorer, but it’s not letting me.

or is this stuck like this?


setup another user profile and copy the documents from Administrator’s account there.
Since Administrator is some kind of system protected, you can’t change anything.

It is btw recommended not use an account with administrative permissions for daily work.


As it is, it’s stuck like that. Next time you install your OS, if you really have your heart set on hijacking the built-in Admin account you can do this:

Log on with the account created during Windows setup.
Go to Computer Management --> Local Users and Groups --> Users.
Rename the built-in Administrator account to whatever you like and log off. You can also set a password for the Admin if you like.
Log on with the renamed Admin account and delete the old account.

thanks micheal, i thought of that, but i hate having to choose a user when starting up windows.

maybe i’ll just have to.

can you get windows to start up straight to a user account?


This shouldn’t be a problem at all. If I remember correctly, then the user “Administrator” vanishes if another useraccount (with Admin privileges) exists.
I personally use the classic log-on dialogue on my XP Home box. It will remember the last user that is logged on by default.

can you get windows to start up straight to a user account?
:iagree: There are some settings available on W2k and XP Pro that allow this.


thanks again, i’ll look into this.

i have xp pro.