Renaming IMG as ISO



I have been having problems with Dvd decrypter, burning bad sectors on some of my dvds. it might be the medias fault, but nonetheless it is not happening on nero

I know you can rename the img as iso, but i am not sure if that comprimises the data or compatibility.

furthermore, I dont understand the scenes obsession with IMG, and i dont understand where it comes from, decrypter seems to be the only program to burn it with, yet decrypter rips to iso and video_TS only.
Dvd rebuilder ends with an iso or video_ts as well.

I have heard that clone dvd is responsible for the creation of isos, but it seems a bit strange because from what i gather its a transcoder.

to be a bit more specific, I am getting errors during verification while burning in decrypter. Have you ever had a problem burning an img in nero? and do you know of any quality burning programs that willl burn an img.

I dont understand why the insiders at nero havent gotten their act together to support it? maybe even just a plugin.

oh also one more thing, would you say its safe to extract it with winrar, I discovered winrars ability to extract iso/img as if they are zip files. I extract the ifo files sometimes to see if the movie is pal or ntsc