Renaming auto assigned disk drives

We wiped out our HP computer and reinstalled all programs. When we did this all of the hard drives changed their letter identifiers. For example, the main drive “C” now shows as drive “I” and the backup hard drive that was drive “N” now shows up as drive “J”. Can I just rename the drives by right clicking on the drive or do I need to change the name some other way?

With a proper re-install all the drive letters would be reassigned to start with A
C=Boot Drive
D=Cd/DVD Optical Drive


C Will always come up as the main boot drive unless you changed it during setup or you did not reformat the drive properly before re-installing.

You can change the name of the drive with the right click but that does not change the actual drive letter.

Wipe it again.

There is a cable that connects the card reader to your motherboard. Disconnect that cable before you wipe it, that should allow the recovery program to properly assign drive letters.