Renaming an entire folder

I used to know this trick where if say you had 50 file with crapy names(ie-digital camera photos–1002-1919) you could somehow select them all and rename the first to say summer(1) and each subsequent file would be named summer(2),summer(3),etc. Any one know how to do this?

Select them all and then hit rename, then type summer then hit enter.

If you want some more advanced file rename tools, you can try to do a search on “rename” or so on the Tucows website. Many great (and free) tools over there.

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ACDSEE has it built in. It has a batch rename and sets up a custom number system, on your needs. Not free,but it’s worth it.

I recommend THE Rename by Hervé Thouzard, it is great, and it is freeware!