Renaming a DVD title

I have a DVD from our set-top box that I mistyped the title. It happened once before and I just remade it from the PVR.

But is there a way to just edit on a PC whatever file contains the text title and reburn it without going through encoding, etc.?


unfortunately the volume name (which is that i assume you’re referring to) is not changeable after the disc has been burned.

you’ll have to reburn the disc

You can change the disc label in most burning apps. Here is an example of Nero.

It could depend on what form you have the image in on your hard drive though.

I’m sorry, I am talking about the title of the movie in the DVD menu.

I know I can change it in NeroVision but that will mean I lose all my chapters.

I know I can do it in Recode but that means it will be re-encoded with a loss of picture quality.

oh wow…yeah the title in the menu?

what did you use to make the menu in the first place?

you’re definitely looking at doing the whole thing over again.

I know I have to reburn the DVD. What I am looking for is a way to avoid any re-encoding of the video just to change the title in the menu.

As I said, in this case I can just recreate the DVD since I still have the movie in the DVR. But someday, I might not have the source and would hate to degrade the picture quality of an entire recording (from re-encoding) just to change the title in the menu.

The title is either in text form on the DVD somewhere or a “picture” of the text. So unless there is some proprietary encryption or CRC or ???, it should be simple for a program to change just the title once the DVD files are copied to a PC. My problem is I don’t know what program to use (if it exists).

A set-top box.

I’m still thinking there is a way to do it but you and I just don’t know how yet.

you created menus with your set top box and now want to change that menu in your computer?

you could rip the video from the disc (without the menu) and create your own menu. maybe you should be looking for menu authoring programs (I can’t recommend any because i’m not familiar with them)

as far as changing a peice of text in the menu, it’s not as easy as it sounds. you’d have to rmeake the whole menu anyway.

my best suggestion: rip the disc without the menu and create a new menu then reburn the disc.