Renamed VOB files won't convert to mpg


I use DVD Decryptor in IFO mode to rip individual titles from a DVD+R, then re-compile those individual titles in U-Lead MovieFactory 2. I have Windows XP SP2.

I used to (for a couple of years, up until a month or so ago) be able to simply rename those VOB files mpg’s and MF2 would then recognise them as mpg’s. I ticked the “ignore extentions for known file types” in Control Panel, and it worked fine! I have read the other threads here about going into the Demuxing process, but I didn’t have to go into that detail at all - it was a simple re-naming that ‘changed’ the file format.

Now after I have had a Windows re-installation on the same PC, it appears the re-naming process is not working like it used to! I have a feeling that there was one other thing that the guy who I use for my PC problems did beforehand to make this process work. I can’t get hold of him, and I wondered if anyone knows why it was working before and not anymore! (Without going down the route of ‘Demuxing’, which I never had to do)?? Thanks.