[renamed] Is a 4163->5163 internal->external conversion possible? (was: Question?)

Is possible converting Burner LG gsa-4163b, to External version 5163d?

Thanks all :slight_smile:

i tried prolific firewire casing on 4163b, but i cant hit 16x burning externally.

so no point doing that.

Running 5163D firmware instead of 4163B firmware? 5163D firmware applied to 4163B would look like 4163B firmware. I’m not sure if it’s possible to “convert” everything inside 4163B to 5163D by modifying firmware only.

Thanks @Kenshin, for response, when upgrading, the software respond, NO FIND DEVICE, i suppose to need dos flasher, and dos firmware flash, for conversion :o

That’s why I said “not sure.” Don’t think about it unless you are prepared to lose one or more drives for firwmware tests.