Rename program

Hi there,

Does somebody know’s a program that is able to rename al kind of files; for exept .tiff to .rar ??? :smiley:
And not file by file but all at once.

Grtz BurnFre@k :wink:

do not know the programm, but try it;. And please report if it works

Check this out

Or try “multiple file rename” in Google.

I’ve been using Norton File Manager for years and it provides this in its basic functionality, among many others (synchronize, auto zip and de-zip,auto self-exe, file attribute modifier, multiple panes, powerful search…) Still can’t understand why Norton decided to abandon it!

It may not help but thought I’d let you know anyway…

copy . test.jpg (all files in very big test.jpg)

copy *.txt *.jpg (worked in 4DOS :slight_smile: )

ren . *.jpg (dunno if that works)

Tnx damiandimitri,

The prog works perfect


good to hear

Try this freeware:

Properties PLUS:
PropertiesPlus is a free add-on for your Windows Explorer. It adds additional functionality to your right-click menu under the menu option PropertiesPlus. Here you’ll be able to modify file attributes, file extensions, and the time stamps of single files, multiple files, or files contained within the folders. Display the bytes allocated. This program is simple to install and easy to use. If you frequently require more control over your files than that allowed by the base Windows application, PropertiesPlus will allow you considerable flexibility.

Download here: :cool:

Burnfreak…if you want to rename files with extensions of pictures…like tiff…it could be that they are encrypted with “camouflage”

it is not enough to just rename them

you need to camouflage to turn them back in the original files.

No I know carmouflage and I also have it on my pc but these file are just renamed to .tiff becouse there are no free servers/webspace to put them on :bigsmile:

It’s all working and i know when carmouflage is used…:wink:

But tnx 4 helping :slight_smile:

Some server actually checks the format even if you renamed, it won’t work, for example, you got a EXE file with the file name : Test.exe , renamed it into Test.htm so the server will accept you, will some server will check to see if the file is really a htm file, EXE got the MZ header, so if the server sees that, It will reject the file :slight_smile:
Anywayz, you are lucky having a server without checks :smiley:

Not quite what you want but in Windows Explorer, just select a bunch of files, right click on one of them, and select rename. Type in the name of it, such as “test”, and you’ll have a bunch of files called:

test (1)
test (2)
test (3)
test (4)


Of course, this doesn’t change the extension. I never needed to mass change an extension before…

Originally posted by BurnFre@k
[B]Hi there,

Does somebody know’s a program that is able to rename al kind of files; for exept .tiff to .rar ??? :smiley:
And not file by file but all at once.

Grtz BurnFre@k :wink: [/B]

If you are still in the hunt you might want to try this nifty renaming tool I stumbled across at XP-erience. It’s a free download and no installation is required. Just launch from the executable or send a shortcut to the desktop if you find frequent use for it. Power Renamer XP . Just load all the files to be renamed and apply a variety of renaming options at once.