Rename Buttons and Put Title on Merged Menu?

I am new to DVDRemake.

If you merge 2 dvds together (with no menus) and the program makes that default menu with ‘Disk1’ ‘Disk2’ buttons and no title, are there editable attributes somewhere that let you change the button names and/or add a title to the screen?

Everything I read seems to indicate you have to export, modify the bitmap and import it again. Is that the case?

Yes, that is the case. Just follow this guide:

Just add a feature to allow custom text, already. Way too much work for the end-user something so necessary, and easy for the developer (program already inserts default text, just add a function to change default text FFS).


Perhaps you don’t understand - it is not text but an MPEG 2 video created from a bitmap. You can’t just “change the text”. You need to feed a new image to replace the old one.

The whole process, assuming you already have a modified bitmap, shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. The muxman authoring will happen in a flash (just feed it the BMP, no audio or subs), the replace with still no more than a few seconds and then you can export modified files (which given they are menus is very quick). Then, move the modified files back into your project folder.

Simple! (FFS).