Removing vista and replace with xp on laptop

i hope someone can help me with this i have a dell Inspiron laptop that came with factory installed vista on it i wanted to use xp on it so i have a disc for laptops that is XP it installed but i have no audio and i can’t seem to get the Ethernet plug to work i read on a web page that i found by Google that you have to download the chip sets for the sigma tel 9205 audio and all other well i guess if i can get the Ethernet to work then i might be able to start to find some of the downloads but i can’t figure out how to get it to work if anybody has any help for me i will be thankful if you take the time to look at dell to see my system the service tag # is26JQYG1 that can tell you what i am working with so you can have enough info to start to help me thanks for the read

Go to and go to drivers and downloads and put in your service tag number then change from vista to xp and all the drivers are available for download. I will try to paste link-it seems long. I tested link and its okay.

Lets see if this works.

Edit: Beaten like tortoise in a sprint. Scotton got the same info. :slight_smile:

typically the Dell 1525’s that are “backgradeable” to XP are the ones that give major troubles when attempting to upgrade them to windows7 (the usual issue is the sigmatel audio driver)

I also run a Dell 1525 but my Service tag is 7LWDYG1 and three seperate attempts to install XP on it all had serious issues…

With what you ask? the WLAN wouldn’t work at all and the audio was “choppy”

I’m currently running Vista-buisness on it.
(Vista is better than having No WiFi or audio.)

I sincerely wish you better luck.


I was “warned” of the possibility by another Dell 1525 owner last may when I got my (used) Dell that some of them upgrade to Win7 and some don’t.

but the ones that won’t upgrade to win7 will usually Backgrade to XP.

After discovering that mine upgraded to win7 painless I was hardly suprised when I couldn’t lmake XP work right, but that didn’t stop me from making several attempts…

Thinking about it I DID defeat the audio issue the third time around
but never did make the WiFi work, NONE of the drivers would make the WiFi card in my 1525 work correctly, even third party drivers that I tried wouldn’t “go”.

I’m not entirely sure what the exact problem was, but
it was suggested that the earlier of the two different Dell WiFi cards that these notebooks will work with XP and the later one won’t.

Why? I don’t know, but I don’t have one of those “older” Wi Fi cards, so I’m unable to expirement at this time.

BTW, THE issue with Win7 upgrades on the early production Dell 1525’s were audio issues.

I’ve seen commentary that 1525’s made Dec08 Jan09 can have the Win7 audio issue, ones made after January usually don’t.

I’m not sure when they switched WiFi cards.
I do know my 1525 has a 28JAN09 production date, and that if I fiddle with it any more I’ll be going the other way, to Win7.

unless I get bored some snowy winter afternoon… :slight_smile:


After a bit of digging I located my notes…

What I was told was that the Dell DW1395 WiFi card is the one that has driver issues with XP

If you already have OR are willing to spend $5-10 on ebay for the earlier WiFi card the DW1390 you should be able to do it.

I’m thinking about getting one just for expiremental purposes
but being honest there are some things I actually like about Vista.
Plus I’m running a couple things on my 1525 that won’t run under XP.
(Including my intel Flash Cache)

And lastly to that I’m more interested in trying out an Intel4965 (Or Dell MX846) Wireless card to replace the factory Dell DW1395 because the 1395 is only a “G” card, the Intel4965 is an “N” (and typically run under $15 on ebay)


You already tried the drivers for Vostro 1520 series?