Removing video noise and graniness?



I am converting home videos from old 8 mm analogue tape to DVD using a Canopus ADVC-100 analogue to DV video converter. Thus I have big DV files on my hard drive full of old home videos. I have found that there’s a lot of grainines / noisiness in the video.

Can anyone recommend a method for removing noise and graininess from videos? Ideally I would like to use some sort of de-noise video filter in the DV -> MPEG-2 pipeline.



I think you should try the advanced settings that exists in most encoders like Tmpgenc which also contain filters for noise reduction, snow and grain. I bet something like that exists even in Canopus Procoder which should be better for you since the source will be in its native format.

Hope this helps.

PS: You can output Mpeg2 in these encoders directly after conversion.


Thanks for the info …

I will have to look for trial versions of these progs. I don’t see any kind of graininess reduction filters here in Vegas Video.


I would frameserve with AVISynth, there are plenty of denosing plugins and you can check the output before encoding, tweaking it till you get something you like then just encode the script instead of the AVI.

Some plugins to checkout would be Convolution3D, FluxSmooth, hqdn3d, MipSmooth and VagueDenoiser.


Sweet, I’ll d/l these at work tomorrow! :cool:

(Nothing but 28.8 dialup here at home, not even 56K available. :sad: .)