Removing The Subtitles




I converted a movie to mp4 for my Ipod and I did the preview before converting and it didn’t have subtitles. When I transferred it to mp4 and onto my ipod it has the subtitles. I don’t know how to remove the subtitles or just show movie without the subtitles.

This also happened on a DVD I burned that doesn’t have a menu to turn the subtitles off. When I play the original DVD it doesn’t have the subtitles.

Help please!



If you accept all defaults you will wind up with subtitles on most movies. You must UNcheck ALL of the subpicture boxes in the lower right before you click NEXT. If the Conversion Settings screen says “Direct render to video” in the lower right, you left a subpicture box with a check in it. You can configure DVDFab in Common Settings so that no subpicture boxes are checked by default. All this is covered in detail in the Official Guide which is linked in my sig. Once they are in there (in DVD to Mobile) there is no way to get them out. Sorry. :frowning: