Removing the 5XXX dvd tray front/bezel

If any one has successfully gotten the dvd tray front/bezel off without breaking it please let me know how. I looked at it and seen that it is spring loaded and has what looks like some crazy looking screws/pins holding it to the dvd tray.

The front/bezel of the PC based ones are not spring loaded and supposedly snap off but I have had no need to remove them yet.

As I posted before I wanna experiment but don’t want to break the front/bezel off the tray. I’m goona try my LiteON 832s burner in the 5005 if it works I want to mount it.


Has anyone got a reply to this yet, please?

I have done it many times.

  1. open the draw
  2. disconnect power cord
  3. using both hands thumbs on the tray top fingers below the outside edges of the front/bezel.
  4. firmly force the bezel up, you will hear a sharp snap as it pops off the tray.
  5. screw spring things need not be removed.

Here is a photo

Thanks for that - it’s easy when you know how!