Removing subtitles?

Still confused about the removal of subtitles? Ive been leaving them in, as I read somewhere if you remove them, you will also remove the subtitles that might be needed if a foreign person was speaking their native lanuage in an English movie. Is this true or not, as every film I start, I have to find the remote and turn off the subtitles everytime!!! If Im turning them off with the remote iIdont see how they would ever play subtitles for a foreigner in an English film!
Any ideas on all this as I would just like to delete them all together! Whats your thoughts? :confused:

That statement is correct. I leave the subtitles (english) in. I can`t explain why but It happened with Dances with wolves special extended edition R1 WS and I think the othe movie was Cold mountain R1 WS.

Maybe someone can shed some light on this.


the set of subs you guys are referring to are typically called “alien subs” and are usually a different set of subs than the subs that run throughout the entire movie, but sometimes they ARE the same set. in general, it’s easiest to leave the subs in, especially since they hardly take up any space.

Yes, agree with AZ… Subtitles only take up around 1-2%, at least what I saw when I used CloneDVD2–even with removing 3 sets of them.

It depends from the movie.
Sometimes these subtitles are separate, and are called “forced subtitles”.

In some movies (not all) these “forced subtitles” are on a separate track, so it is possible remove all but these subtitles. It is possible know what of these various subtitle are forced ones watching the movie on a DVD player software such as PowerDVD and see what subtitle track is automatically selected.

However, because of their very small sizes, leaving subtitles don’t change so much video quality or compression ratio.