Removing subtitles in Animatrix

Hello all:

Just a quick question…

Backing up “The Animatrix” using DVD Decrypter in file mode using all files, DVD2One 1.21 in full disk mode, and CopytoDVD…

The Movie comes out perfect… however, the subtitles on certain scenes are shown. I CAN turn them off in the DVD menu itself, but is there a way to take out the subtitles from the start so as not to have this happen?

Any help will be great!

Gene (Ty)

Do you happen to have a Panasonic DVD Player?

My Panny changer has a bug in that it will display subtitles on DVD2One discs, as well as some commercial titles. I have to manually turn the subtitles off.

I think the player makes the mistake of defaulting to subtitles “ON” unless the scripting on the DVD specifically turns them off.

Let me clarify that the Panny displays subtitles by default on DVD2One movie only discs.

On full disc copies, it only does it if the original did it too.


I’ve not heard of this happening before with a full disk backup, only, as Squished says, on a movie only backup. You could try using the info here;

it may help.


If you don’t mind getting your hands ‘dirty’ and having a go with ifoedit the info will definately help you. I put it together 'cos all three of my players insist on turning the subtitles on when I play my movie only backups!


Thanks for the reply guys.

@ Squished - this is how it plays from Power DVD from the HD, and after I burn and play on my Sony DRU-500ULX burner… and on the Toshiba stand alone. But I appreciate the help.

@ Jmp1963 - I have held off using ifo edit and the other programs in this category. Although I do not consider myself a newbie, I do have a lot to learn about these progs. I have no idea how to use these and when I should use them - let alone where to get them; but I see now that I have to dive in. Thanks for the link… it WILL become handy.

I guess I just wanted to know if there was a way to “rip” them out with D2O like D95 or IC or one of the other INFERIOR progs

But thanks for the replies!

Gene (Ty)


Thanks for the info re IFOEdit. I’ve used it before, but not to stuff in a command.

My path in the past was DVD2AVI and then TMPGEnc, and I never kept the subtitles. Now I keep them occasionally, so that will come in handy.

You’re welcome :wink: