Removing subtitles from .iso file, help!

So I’m trying to remove german subtitles from a .iso file I have. I’ve looked and searched over this forum and I have seen people recommending DVD Shrink. Well when I open the ISO with DVD shrink there isn’t much to do… can someone please help me

Are they hard coded?

I’m not sure, if they are can I remove them? How would I go about removing them if they weren’t hard coded?

Might try virtualdub it has filters that might work (for hard coded). If you can not turn them off with the player software they are hard coded.

virtualdub doesnt want to open the .iso. unsupported file format

Mount the iso on a virtual drive and then open the VT’s files

how do I open the VT files, I mounted it with Daemon tools but where are the files?

ok I found the files, they’re VIDEO_TS and VTS Files

how do I remove the subtitles from these files?

Open the ISO with DVD Shrink and re-author.

ok and when i do that Dialysis1 all i see is 2 files…

heres what I mean

Seeing as this is an Iso of the yet to be released Brad Pitt TCCOBButton movie, I am unable to help further.

Sorry, I can’t go further either.

Usually .iso files of movies that are not yet released are illegal downloads. It would be easier just to work with the DVD you have bought, assuming you have the original DVD. :wink: With most DVDs all you have to do is uncheck the subtitle you do not want and remove them in DVD Shrink. I think you have your answer.