Removing Sticky Paper Labels

I’ve already discovered that I can recover data from corrupt DVDs when I remove the sticky labels. (something I no longer do). I don’t want to discuss the pros and cons of removing labels or leaving them on in this thread right now. :disagree:

Basically, I’ve been using white spirit to soak about 200 Ritek G05 DVD-Rs that were labelled. I know how bad these discs are now, but I found that removing the labels enabled me to read them and recopy the data to some TYs. I did all this in a big batch about a month ago.

I’ve got a few more discs I’d like to salvage and I was wondering if anyone had some alternatives regarding solvents to soak the discs in and techniques to do so because white spirit bloody stinks the house out! I’ve read WD40 works, and also just plain water. I’d try alcohol but have no idea where to buy it.

Any tips/suggestions? :slight_smile:

WD40 works best for me!

Ok I’ll try that. I’ve heard a few people say that. It stinks though. :Z

Could you describe the process you use for me? I know it’s a hassle but I’ve made a big mess doing it before. It’s easy enough to get the label off, but the glue is usually still on underneath. Then it get’s on the underside of the disc and…anyway :doh:

I’m sure I heard someone mention alcohol or some derivative of. I bet that would be cool. Could get some at a chemist maybe?

Thanks wobble.

What about methalated spirit from a diy store or go to Maplins and buy a can of label remover!
Best of luck.

Label remover?!?

Never knew there was such a thing. Any idea what the ingredients are. I haven’t got a clue where the nearest Maplin is to me.

Might try getting some meths though. Best comb my hair first because I dress like a tramp and they don’t sell to the homeless. :wink:

Maplin have a web site. They also sell IPA, no not the beer.
The product I refer to as lable remover is used to remove the adhesive and I don’t know if it is plastic safe but I know IPA is as I have used it many times.

WD40. Tried WD80?

Isopropyl / rubbing alcohol. Every drug store sells it.

WD40 is the best as the oils in it eat the glue and stop it from bonding to things. This means that when you soak the lable in it the glue unbonds from the lable and the disc, pull the lable off & apply a little more WD40 and work it with your finger releasing the glue from the disc as you go. Its a bit messy so best bet is to use a bowl to stop it from going everywhere.

When all the glue is off, wash in normal detergent and dry the disc before reading the information back.

The other good thing is that unlike some solvents WD40 wont damage the disc surface.

in the US, there’s a product called “Goo Gone” that works rather well at removing the underlying glue.

that product works rather well at removing anything from anything though…It claims to be safe, but it took the paint off my car in one spot :eek

use at your own risk haha

They sell it in Australia too but I would recommend just leaving the disks to soak for a few days in good old dish washing detergent and water…start with warm water first.