Removing special effects

when i burn backup copies of my dvds most are ok but some
will not lose the directors cmments is there some way round this or am i
stuffing things up?
thanks in advance jesso :bow:

You can use Ifoedit to remove unwanted audio streams then process with Shrink. The directors comments are not very large and probably don’t affect the quality. Maybe on a longer disc, it would be worthwhile to remove them. Using Ifoedit adds another step. In my opinion, I’d leave them in and not listen.

probably didnt explane properly. im using clone dvd & any dvd
& im removing all menus & just doing the picture .on the
ones that dont work the commentary goes on thru the whole
movie its not on all movies just now & then
rgds jesso

Different software products handle the copying of a DVD in different ways. Perhaps try DVD Shrink (Freeware) which allows you to exclude various parts of the DVD before backing up.

thanks i’ll try dvd shrink but clone dvd does the same thing im thinking it
may be something in the dvd

In DVD Shrink you can preview the movie with any of the audio streams selected. It’s real handy when deciding which streams to keep.

In the preview window simply right click and select the stream to preview. Which ever one is found to be the directors comments (it may not be named that) can be deselected.

thanks for the help but i give up tried dvd shrink same result
i think it has to be something on original dvd, like i say
it only has occured on a few burns