Removing Software


When you install a program or a software, and after you uninstall it, data still gets left behind. Here are some of the places that data gets left behind:
Registry Keys
Windows Folder
System Folder
Application Data Folder
Program Files Folder
… and other places

Is there a software that will get rid of a all the files that that particular software or program has made on your computer, or possibly show which files have been created by which software or program and possibly their location?
I need such a software please help me out. :smiley:


There are a few reg cleaners that will do that bit for you (have a look around Majorgeeks)
but for the rest I would suggest the manual approach is more effective as you know what your looking for and and cleaning programs will just “Guess” the folder and files inside are no longer needed.

jv16 Power Tools is very good for this.