Removing silence in a recording

I imported a 90 minute casette, joined the 2 sides, and now have an 86 minute file. I have an NEC-3500AG burner, but with staples media at least, it won’t overburn this 83 minutes. I know I can buy 90 minute cd-r’s, but even though they are compatible with my burner, I have heard that some players have difficulty playing them. In addition, I only need the disc for this one casette, and paying shipping for 1 cd is a waste of money, as no local place near me sells them (staples, compusa, radioshack, bestbuy, circuit city).

Anyway, the nature of the casette is speech, with long gaps of silence. A possible solution I have come up with is to remove the silence(in some parts, there is 5 seconds of silence). Now, this is very tedious, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a program where you could input a maximum db value for a period of time, and have it remove that part of the recording.


argh sorry for making this post :X

I figured out an easy solution… change the tempo in audacity bangs head against wall

Brilliant and simple solution using a free software :clap:

I would try putting a bunch of marks around many of the silence areas and generate a bunch of data and silent files. then delete the silent files. :slight_smile: