Removing serial number?



is there a way to remove the numbers that are printed on all blank CD’s , the numbers are on the hub and look like are made with black ink. so can anyone tell me if there is a way to remove them without making any damage to the cd


Not that I know of. Why would you want to remove them, can I ask?

It’s an unusual question :slight_smile:


to make the cd look more professional and pretty :slight_smile: i use printables to back up my music and the numbers always stick out like a sore thumb my friends will probably see the numbers and think its all ghetto.


I am not familiar with this term and how is refers to the numbers on a CD. Can you explain?



Ahhhh, gotcha :slight_smile:

Hub-printable CDRs?


A wet sugar cube is sometimes used to abrade cell providers’ markings from cell phones. It’s supposed to be just abrasive enough to remove the applied markings, but not damage the plastic finish underneath. I would think that you could even get a little more agressive than that since you are working on the non-data portion of the disc.