Removing scenes from DVD while keeping original Menu?


Ive tried VOBBlanker but it crashes on me everytime, I really need a program desperately to move some unwanted scenes from a friends wedding movie :rolleyes:… the menu is a motion menu. Any clues fellas?

If you get DVDReMake Pro, you can split the video where you do not want it and either hide the part or delete it.
It will not alter anything else on rest of the DVD.
I think you should be able to do it in PGCEdit also, but I am not that familiar with it and it is little harder to use than Remake.

Try with FixVTS first,then open with DVDShrink,if it analyzes w/o errors,then use VobBlanker…hope it helps…If you don’t mind losing menu,then Shrink in re-author mode’s start and end frame feature will also do it…

You also could use MPEG Streamclip,to cut out parts…