Removing RipLock on A Philips 16LS, 1.8 Firmware, How?



I have the Philips 16LS with the 1.8 firmware. Can i ask how do i remove the rip lock. The media edit program only seems to work with 1.7, but the media code advances in 1.8 are just too great to go back to 1.7

What can i do to get the rip lock off my drive



Well I think ala42 has to answer this maybe with a new version of his MCSE tool. Or maybe it just works with the 1.8 - did u try patching too see if it refuses the firmware?

Is there any overspeeding in 1.8 ?


I tried loading the 1.8 into the program and in the list was no DVD+R media what so ever. I thought it looked a bit to fishy as i dont want to wipe out my entire +R burning capabilites so i left it.


The read speed patch works independant from the media speed patches, so if the checkbox is enabled (it is), it should also work with P1.8.
To support +R patches a critical patch has to be applied, which is only enabled after I have tested the new firmwares with the next release. MCSE does not wipe out anything. Changes are made only when you select them and only for the selected media codes.