Removing region code duing copy?



So I have been browsing this forum for a while now, but I don’t think that I have found a solution to what I want to do.

I have a Region 2 DVD, which I would like to copy and in the same step convert to a Region 1 DVD, or a region free DVD if there is such a thing.

Is there a non-convoluted way to do this?

From what I have read I would need to install some sort of driver that makes the DVD region free, and then a different program to copy it?

This is a one time deal for me, my wife bought a Region 2 disc on ebay without realizing it, I doubt I would ever have to do anything like this again, so I am somewhat reluctant to spend $80 on tools needed to convert a $20 disc to Region 1.

Then again, I told the wife that it’s no biggie, but clearly I underestimated what’s involved since I am a few hours into it and no closer to a solution.

This is really just to remove the region code without to install a permanent driver on the system. I can deal with the DVD being PAL instead of NTSC.


DVDShrink is a freeware app that can make a back up that is region free.

If the DVD in question has a more advanced or sophisticated copy protection try Ripit4me, also a freeware app.

Another option is give DVDFab a go. It’s not free but they will give you a 30 day trial.

All the mentioned software can do what you are asking. Its up to you to find a program that you will be comfortable using.:slight_smile:

Google is your friend.