Removing protections

Dear all,
When trying to rip a couple of movies to hard disc with both DVD Decrypter (file mode) and DVDFab v5.1.0.0 (full disc), I descovered this odd message after using FreeDVD:

For DVD Decrypter: There isn’t any protection in folder “…\VIDEO_TS”,
for DVDFab: Found “Uops” protections in folder “…\VIDEO_TS”

Does that mean that DVD Decrypter does a better job at cleaning protections? Of course, I had checked every box in the protection options of DVDFab (…and DVD Decrypter)…
And what should I do? Let FreeDVD clean DVDFab’s rip or use DVD Decrypter’s rip and avoid DVDFab? Which solution will give me better results?
Please note that FreeDVD is a utility that can be downloaded from DVDFab’s very own site… :slight_smile: And another thing: latest version behaved exactly in the same way, although the author claims for “Improved cleaning of DVD structure”…
Isn’t it a pity for a new program to get beaten by a very old one in this subject? Or is there another explanation?