Removing protection

Guys ,

Brand new to this so please except my apologies if my questions seem daft. Just got my self a dvd writer and i want to back up some of my old dvd classics. I am currentley using dvd shrink for the process. However on some but not all i get a error saying the dvd is protected. Is there anyway of removing this before i use dvd shrink?

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One way to remove protection is by using the free DVD Decrypter.
This will remove CSS protection from a DVD and copy the now unencrypted contents of the VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive for you to feed into DVD Shrink.

An alternative is to buy AnyDVD
AnyDVD is preferred by some because it operates in the background allowing other applications to ‘see’ the DVD as unprotected. On the other hand, it does cost money.

DVDShrink will remove any protection on a DVD movie but sometimes this error pops up (though I have never encountered it myself) just play the movie on your PC first through something like PowerDVD or similiar pause the movie and open shrink this should cure the problem you are encountering. Also are you using the latest version of DVD Shrink v3.1.7.6?